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In Amsterdam there are a number of  Taikiken teachers active.

Jan Kallenbach teaches  Taiki-ken and Yi Quan at the Shin Bu Ken dojo in Amsterdam Osdorp.
In 1976, he got the grade of Renshi from master  Sawai and this of Kyoshi in 1987.
In 1999, master Li Jianyu gave him a license to teach Yiquan.  (For more info see his profile)

Ron Nansink gives  regularly workshops in Amsterdam and in several other cities in the Netherlands.
Ron studied Taikiken under the three Kyoshi (the most high graduation in Taiki-ken): Sato Yoshimichi (master Sawai's son in law),
Sawai Akio (master Sawai’s sun) and Iwama Norimasa. Later in Japan he studied with Master Kenichi Sawai himself. (For more info see his profile)

In France teaches Jean-Luc Lesueur a Yi-chuan student of master Li and Taiki student of  master Sawai. Website
In Boulogne Billancourt teaches Jaques Legree in one of the largest dojo’s of France: the A.C.B.B. dojo in Taiki kenpo.
French Kyokushinkai Dojos teaching Taiki Ken:
1. ACBB (teacher Jacques Legrée 5th Dan FFKAMA)    BOULOGNE (92)

In Italy Sun Li teaches on invitation. Mr. Agostini in the Budokan in Florence often invites him. He emigrated from Beijing to Tokyo.
He have been a student of  Dao Shi Ming and works together with Hatsuo Royama technical director of the Japanese Kyokushin karate en Taiki teacher.
Sun Li teaches in Japan under the name ‘I-ken’.

Tiziano Santambrogio - teaches in Milan (Italy).  (For more info see his profile)

In Gothenburg works Tai ki kenpo teacher Marshall MacDonagh.
He studied under Sawai sensei, Dao Shi ming and Cui Rui Bin, who gave  training seminars in Sweden and England/Londen. Website

Sensei Fukushima, a strong and charismatic Taikiken Sensei, direct student of another great Japanese master, Yasuhide Takagi.
Taikiken training in São Paulo city at the following locations:
1/ Parque Ibirapuera, a outdoor place, big trees and fresh air, direct contact with nature.
2/ Kenjinkai Provincia de Kagawa - address in São Paulo: Rua Itaipu, 422 - near metro station Praça da Arvore.

In Germany Frank Bauche teaches Taikiken, he trained with Iwama sensei.
Before he left Japan he received the grade of Renshi from Iwama sensei. (For more info see his profile)
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