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It is easier to be known by the outside world than to really know yourself inside;

It is esier to make others believe you have a clear conscience than convince yourself you have never done a thing in your life to be ashamed of.


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Norimasa Iwama, first generation Taikiken of Kenichi Sawai

Norimasa Iwama is first generation Taikiken student of Kenichi Sawai and member of the first Meiji jingu group still training and teaching actively.

Besides a driven Taikiken promoter, Iwama sensei is a first class Karate and kobudo expert, with a lot of practical teaching experience.

Iwama sensei belongs to the first group of Sawai sensei´s students who introduced Taikiken in Europe back in the early nineteen seventies. He was teaching Taikiken in Jan Kallenbachs Shin Bu Ken dojo in Amsterdam Osdorp. You can see Iwama sensei’s sophisticated Taikiken style and training method on a video he made, assisted by Yasuhide Takagi sensei.

The video includes clips of Sawai sensei's teaching and his excellent fighting skills. It also shows some interesting examples of Taikiken sparring..

Iwama sensei published a book about Taikiken in Japanese: Taikiken teachings, Taikiken thinking is the teachings of martial arts as well as of human beings. The 21st century martial art - Taikiken essence is now told! One of his European (Iwama ryu) students has a very interesting web site in French https://www.taikiken.eu, he also has a channel on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/Taikishiseikenpo with a lot of Taikiken clips.

Video clip Sawai sensei and Iwama sensei showing technigue and application.

Kenichi Sawai and Iwama Norimasa

Taikiken master Iwama Norimasa
Iwama sensei and Sawai sensei showing Mukae-te defence. against Mae geri.
Iwama Norimasa showing his Tanshu practice.
Iwama Norimasa showing his special style of Tanshu.

Iwama Norimasa Shinho

Video clip of Iwama Norimasa showing Sashite in Taikiken.
Iwama sensei with Sawai sensei and the Meiji Jingu group.
Iwama sensei and Sawai sensei showing Mawashi geri defence.
Book cover Taikiken by Iwama Norimasa in Japanese.

Iwama Norimasa Sashite

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Taikiken book

Iwama sensei

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