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I was born in the year of '76 and I can say that I have been attracted by the mysterious world of martial arts since my early childhood, but only when I've turned 12 years old I had real access to this world.

Since 1988, martial arts are part of my life - I started by practicing Shotokan karate, being the only version available for that time because of the dictatorial communist regime from Romania which banned any full contact martial arts.

For two years I had to disguise myself in judoka and to practice karate in obscure halls without any comfort, to hide from the state authorities, but those times made me resilient and more determined in pursuing my dream and to follow the way.

Starting with 1992, I moved on to  Kyokushin karate - a style that I'm practicing since then and in which I hold the rank of 3 Dan and the title of Sensei.

The one who initiated and guided me on this path is my good friend - Shihan Stoia, and for that I thank him with gratitude.

I have studied this style under the guidance of other several masters as well, of whom I can name a few of them: Shihan Yui, Shihan Sampei, Sensei Tsukamoto, Shihan Escalera and Sensei Dimitrov.

The attraction to this world has come from my interest towards the Asian culture, especially the Japanese one, so my study was not limited to practicing kyokushin karate exclusively.

Therefore, during this time I've studied Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu and Kenjutsu, with all their phylosophical and practical parts, but lately I've started to study a very interesting system - created and promoted by Master DK Yoo of Korea named Warfare Combat System.

A few years ago, studying the philosophy and movements of a famous Kyokushin fighter - Hajime Kazumi, I discovered Taikiken, which I was really fascinated about. I started to research and study this martial art. During that period of time I found two great masters of Taikiken - Ron Nansink and Nadja Kotrchova - that fact gave me the hope that I could have the chance to meet them and learn from them.

In 2018 I was ready to receive the master's teachings and the master revealed himself. Thank you with great gratitude Sensei Ron Nansink for accepting me as a student and above all as a friend!

Now I'm practicing Taikiken everyday and with the teachings of this wonderful art I try to improve the Kyokushin training as well, striving to convey to the students the feel... which unfortunately is lost in the mist of the modern competitive martial arts world, but ultimately there is always hope … Taikiken!

Omid Arvaneh - taichi Lucian Herlo