Internal Martial Arts the TAIKIKEN pages 2018 ZenmaX physical, mental and spiritual detox retreats, as you grow up you become pervaded with worldly conditioning; inwardly emotions and desires distract you from reality, while outwardly material things and events tax your body. Combat science - the Taikiken pages- Kenichi Sawai MR. YASHUHIDE TAKAGI, THE HEAD OF Taiki-KEN SHISEI-JYUKU Yasuhide Takagi was born in Tokyo in 1954. He got shisei-kenpou 5th-dan "renshi", a title bestowed on only a handful of Mr. Sawai's students, and is now the head of Taiki-ken Shisei-jyuku. Taiki Shisei Kempo About the Sino-Japanese martial art Taikiken and related topics Combat science - the Taikiken pages- Kenichi Sawai © Taikiken org. 2000 | Design by: multimedia Last update: 03 November 2018 The Taikiken pages, a compact introduction of Taikiken and Kenichi Sawai's book -  The Essence of Kung Fu  & profiles of known and unknown martial artists who practice Taikiken. TAIKIKEN home page SPORTTAIN Essential skills for a healthy & enjoyable lifestyle. Sport, health and entertainment network.