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If you want to know the way of the sky,

observe the seasonal cycles.

If you want to know the way of the earth,

find out what kind of trees grow there.

If you want to know the way of people,

let them have what they want.


Content: The Essence of Kung Fu: A Master's Approach to Martial Arts by Kenichi Sawai

Because I feel this way, after I left China, I continued my own training but made no effort to teach others or spread this particular approach to the martial arts. During this long time, a number of people have become convinced that my approach is right, however, and have joined me in training. Lately the number of such people has grown and now even includes people from other countries. Still I have no intention of opening a training hall or of teaching in the manner of an ordinary instructor.

When Japan Publications, Inc., asked me to produce this book, I hesitated, since I wondered if it were possible to explain in text and photographs my kind of kempo, which must be learned and mastered with the body. In addition, I entertained doubts about the value of martial arts learned from books. But then I reconsidered. First, I thought that perhaps there are people who can understand the true meaning of something from no more than examining a photograph. Then, realizing that the conditioning of my internal organs resulting from Taikiken has enabled me to live to a ripe old age in good health, I saw that my knowledge might help others enjoy the same good fortune. And these considerations caused me to decide to go ahead with the writing and publishing of this book.

In closing, I should like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to two groups of people who assisted me in this project.

First, my fellow trainees in Taikiken: my son-in-law Yoshimichi Sato; my eldest son, Akio Sawai; Mikio Goto; Kazuo Yoshida; Norimasa Iwama; Yukio Ito; Masashi Saito; Yasuo Matsumura; Mitsuo Nakamura; Jan Kallenbach and Roland Nansink.

Second the cameraman, Hideo Matsunaga and Chikayoshi Sanada, who was in charge of the editorial work.

March, 1976 Kenichi Sawai

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