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The Taikiken pages, a compact introduction of Taikiken and Kenichi Sawai's book - 

The Essence of Kung Fu 

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"Find Your Taikiken Community: Connect with Fellow Trainees Today!"

Do you have a friend, a teacher or a school practicing or teaching Taikiken?

Did you loose connection with them and would you like to reestablish contact?

This is your chance to try find them!

After we received many “looking for....” e-mails we have decided to offer this page to help you with your search.

Check out here the existing list!

Are you looking for someone or a school related to Taikiken training send us an e-mail and we will publish it.

Did you succeed in searching, or you know the wanted person or school? 

Let us know by sending us an e-mail with the contact address and we will inform the person who asked for it after that we will remove the massage from the list.

From 31 July 2010: taikiken in Argentina

Me interesaría saber si en Argentina hay algún lugar para practicar, de ser así si me pueden enviar información donde se practica, de lo contrario cual es el lugar mas cercano a mi país para practicara.

 Fortunato López

From 8 July 2010: Taikiken in Canada

Hello, my name is Lee Dumont and I have trained in Judo, Kyokushin Karate and Shintaido. I am also working towards certification in Budokon.

I was wondering if there is any Taikiken in Canada?

Thank You 

From 27 December 2009 in United Kingdom

Hi could you tell me if there are any classes for taikiken been taught in the United Kingdom and if so where 

kind regards, Stephen O'Keeffe

From 30 September 2009: Looking for a Taikiken training partner in Mexico

Thank You 

Hello there, I live in Mexico City and every time I go to Japan (twice a year) I train with Mizuhara Sensei in Osaka.

I am looking for training partners in Mexico City. 

From 13 May 2005: Masashi Saito

Hello, my name is Harold Mossman from Sydney, Australia. I am wishing to contact my teacher of over thirty five years ago. Mr. Masashi Saito was our teacher when he lived in Sydney in late 1960’s to 70’s. Taikiken has been a major part of my life since that time. I am very grateful to him for having given me the knowledge at a young age and I know that I will be a Taikiken practitioner for the rest of my life. 

I am planning a visit to Japan around 10th of June and I would appreciate the chance of meeting up with Saito san. 

I do not know his contact address but may be someone can forward this message to him Looking forward to some correspondence in the near future. 

My telephone number 0297983484.

From 10 March 2004: missing a friend in Brazil

Hello, I have a Japanese friend, his name is Masamichi Fukushima, and he go to Brazil in march, to São Paulo city.

So, I lived in this city too, but I moved to other region and I lose contact. 

Please, if any person know about this, contact to me.

When he go to Brazil I will his first student in Tai Ki ken and he will the only teacher in this country.

So, this quest is very important.

Thanks again, Luciano Noeme (Brazil)

From 03 March 2004: Taikiken Schools US

Hello, while looking through a Martial Arts book, I found TaikiKen (Hsing-I). To my surprise I have finally found a solid school with very experienced teachers. While looking at the web site, I noticed there were no schools or links in the US? I was wondering if there were any schools located around Virginia and if not what are the major spots to go learn?

Thanx in Advance!

From 26 June 2003: training in America

where can i train? i live in america atm, thanx for all, jimmy

19 June 2003: Taikiken in France and USA (California & Florida)


i'd like to know places where i can train Taikiken in France and USA (California & Florida) thanks for your answer Cyril

From 18 December 2002: Taikiken in Massachusetts USA?

Hi can you recommend anyone teaching Taikiken in Massachusetts?



PS there is a lot of good info on your site. Thanks 

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