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Roberto di BLASIO

Shihan Roberto Di Blasio began practicing martial arts in 1970 with Judo.

After the experiences of Kung Fu and Ju Jitsu, few years later, he discovers the Wado Ryu Karate style which will establish the direction of his own martial arts practice.

During his university years, he discovers the Kobudo and Okinawa Goju Ryu, Shotokan and Kick Boxing.

He studies with important Japanese teachers such as Toshio Tamano, Tatsuo Suzuki, Hiroo Mochizuki, Iwao Yoshioka and the great Yoshinao Nambu.

In the early 80s he was chosen in the Italian representative team led by Master Augusto Basile, to take part in many competitions in Italy and in other European countries.

In the Netherlands, during an interstyle competition, he has the chance to see the Kyokushinkai for the first time.

He found it back in Italy with Master Tsuttomo Wakiuchi, direct student of  Oyama in 2005.

Afterwards he continue his studies in Kyokushin style in WKO –Shinkyokushinkai, where he holds the rank of 3rd Dan and the title of  Branch Chief.

He began to develop with Soke David Cook and him Martial Arts systems: Tsu Shin Gen Karate (Kyokushinkai and Ashihara) and Tsu Shin Gen Mix Fight.

In October 2015 Shihan Di Blasio was awarded 5th Dan.

He also studied the art of Japanese sword, the Hoki Ryu Iaido with Kumai sensei and Brandozzi sensei.

In the summer 2009 Roberto meets Ron Nansink sensei in the Czech Republic and discovers the Taikiken and “inner” martial practices.

He thus becomes a student of  Ron Nansink sensei, with whom a strong friendship and a martial arts practice relationship are made up.

Shihan Roberto combines his experience as a practitioner and as a martial arts teacher with his professional activities. Being a psychologist and dealing with many years of empowerment, growth and development, helping people and leading group therapies, he merges the corporeal, energy and mental dimensions with those related to the Taoist and Buddhist meditative dimension.

The practice of martial arts is the best mortgage for our health which is improved to 360 degrees, since it disciplines the mind and increases the holistic perception of our existence. The latter shows us the path to wellness and to wisdom.

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