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For harmonious attunement, movement is valuable, for careful concentration, 

stillness is valuable. 

Movement is patterned on heaven, stillness is patterned on earth, when body and mind are both calm, heaven and earth join.


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Nikolay Yakimenko Ritsuzen in the snow.

Nikolay Yakimenko sensei, an expert in Taikiken, Shotokan karate, Judo, and Kobudo. Learn about his unique training techniques and philosophy.

Nikolay Yakimenko, is a Russian citizen, born in Moscow and a lawyer by profession. 

At present he works as a respected security and self-defense specialist in the hotel business.

Nikolay Yakimenko began studying judo in 1989 and later practicing the Shotokan style of karate. 

In 1997 he began with the study of the Kodokan Shin ryu Jiu jitsu style. In 2009 started practicing Uechi ryu karate orthodox style under the guidance of Sensei Igor Gorbunov, a disciple of Sensei Shimabukuro Yukinobu. 

Since 2001 he is engaged in Kobudo and is the author of training techniques for working with edged weapons and knife fighting. In addition to knife fighting, he and his students also practice stick-fighting. Nikolay has a large number of students in Russia and worldwide, specialized in training with machetes.

From the beginning of his martial art career he has been interested in Taikiken, he started out practicing it on his own, studying the book of Kenichi Sawai “Taikiken - The Essence of Kung fu” as guidance. 

Nikolay uses Taikiken concepts and techniques as a bases for his other martial art training. 

He and his students do a lot of training outside in wild nature of Russia and under any weather circumstances, to gain strength of body, mind and spirit.

In 2018, thanks to the kindness of Sensei Ron Nansink, his Taikiken practice started to make sense. 

Practicing under the guidance of Sensei Ron Nansink Nikolay considers Taikiken the pinnacle of martial arts.

Nikolay Yakimenko group Taikiken Ritsuzen on the rocks.
Nikolay Yakimenko Taikiken training  Ritsuzen in the snow.
Nikolay Yakimenko training group in the dojo.

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