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True mercury is not mercury

of the mundane world;

True lead is not lead that comes from mines.

One is sense, one is essence, the primordial medicines; Refining them, returning to the root, there is great restoration.


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Manfred van Doorn walking Hai, Taikiken in Middeduin, Overveen.
Manfred van Doorn Ritsuzen, Taikiken in Middeduin, Overveen.

Manfred van Doorn's journey from Judo to Taikiken and Taijiquan. Discover his mastery of karate and leadership development expertise.

After achieving a black bell in Judo in his youth, Manfred switched to Kyokushinkai karate.

He mastered excellent karate skills by training with Peter Koopman and Rinus Schulz.

In the late 1970's he switched to Taikiken and Tajiquan training with Ron Nansink. 

In the early 1980's, he moved to Amsterdam where he continued training his Taikiken with Ron Nansink sensei combined with traditional Hsing I under Rinus Schulz and Jan Voormeij.

Around 1990 he restarted his Taikiken training with Ron Nansink.

In the early 2000 he took up western boxing under his friend and colleague Mark Louwerse, the ‘Boxing psychologist.’

At present Manfred keeps himself in shape with long distant running, and shares his Taikiken and Taijiquan experience with a selected group of friends and colleagues.

Management trainer and organizational psychologist Manfred van Doorn has authored five books in Dutch and seven in German on personality and leadership development. He is currently supervising the design of a multimedia educational program on leadership called: Double Healix – DNA for Leadership.

His latest book “Het wiel opnieuw uitvinden” (in Dutch) is for sale now.

Manfred van Doorn portret Zen.

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