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Visual memories: photo’s and video clips sharing valuable moments of life.
SaveThePicture is a co-op site for visual translators, one world, so many layers. Feelings, sounds, images, sometimes subtle and hardly noticed, sometimes rough and overwhelming.
ZenmaX physical, mental and spiritual detox retreats, as you grow up you become pervaded with worldly conditioning; inwardly emotions and desires distract you from reality, while outwardly material things and events tax your body.
These iBoxing workshops offer you training in all the natural tuning elements: Taiki-ken, Taijiquan, Qigong, Taoist psychology and much more.
Trainers & organizers are Ron Nansink and Nadja Kotrchova.
This is the opportunity for anyone who wants to be more Self-driven in his or her daily life and activities.
The workshops are inspiring physical and mental journeys into one's primitive self to find and grow inherited natural talents.
Yasuhide Takagi was born in Tokyo in 1954. He got shisei-kenpou 5th-dan "renshi", a title bestowed on only a handful of Mr. Sawai's students, and is now the head of Taiki-ken Shisei-jyuku.
About the Sino-Japanese martial art Taikiken and related topics
RICK MATZ’S new presence on the web. Featuring a stew consisting of a look at History, Poetry (mostly Haiku and Cinquains), Strategy, Zen, Books and Movies. Daoism, martial arts, Japanese Language study, Art, Tea, and commentary on events of the day that leave you wondering “who needs fiction?”  
Jean-Luc Lesueur
Jean-Luc Lesueur is a Yi-chuan student of master Li and Taiki student of  master Sawai. He is very active in promoting and organizing workshops and seminars in Taiki, Yiquan, Tai chi chuan, Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling and more, open for international participants.  
The Taikiken pages, a compact introduction of Taikiken and Kenichi Sawai's book -
The Essence of Kung Fu
& profiles of known and unknown martial artists who practice Taikiken.
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