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Frank Bauche

Frank started to learn Karate and IAI Do in 1975 in Hannover.
Later in 1991 he learnt Taikiken during his 8 years in Japan from Iwama sensei, who is a first generation student of Kenichi Sawai and member of the first Meiji jingu group.
Before Frank left Japan, he received the grade of Renshi from Iwama sensei.
Besides teaching Taikiken and I Liq Chuan, Frank is a first class Karate and I Chuan expert, with a lot of practical teaching experience. He combines martial art teaching with the concepts of systemic coaching and structural integration. In 2009 he left his company after a more than 20 years lasting successfull management career to open an institut for martial art and management training in Munich. Frank also got the liscence to train I Liq Chuan in Germany.

Institut für Kampfkunst & Managementtraining
Sendlinger Tor
Augsburgerstrasse 5
80337 Muenchen
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For harmonious attunement, movement is valuable, for careful concentration,
stillness is valuable.
Movement is patterned on heaven, stillness is patterned on earth, when body and mind are both calm, heaven and earth join.
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