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Yuri (Swaying)

After a long session of standing Zen, return to ordinary activity by first lowering your arms.  At the same time straighten your knees.  Then, slowly composing yourself, sway.  Zen calms the body and the mind; but the mood of repose resulting from Zen would be wasted if you began to leap and run immediately after a session.  For this reason, it is important to move gently from the still world of immobility to the world of action.  Swaying is the first step on the way back to ordinary activity.
You must take great care to do it in such a way as to preserve the mood of the standing Zen.
An awareness of the martial arts must pervade this whole process since transition from the static to the active modes is a basic element of Taiki-ken.
Slowly  lowering your arms, return to the original position (Figs.1 and 2) Gently return to the original position as you move into the sway, which leads you out of the static mode.  Taking one-half step forward on your left foot, execute a pulling action with your hands (Figs.3,4 and 5).  At this time do 6 not consciously lower your hips; perform the actions as slowly as possible.  Now extend your hands forward (Figs.6 and 7).  Do not tense your arms.  Repeat these actions three times (Figs.8 and 9).  Next, taking a half step forward on your right foot, repeat these 7 motions three times more (Figs. 11, 12,13 and 14).
Combat science - the Taikiken pages- Kenichi Sawai Taiki-ken intake of ki Taiki-ken intake of ki
When outside and inside do not match,
yet you want to make connection with things, you cove your mystic light and seek knowledge through eyes and ears.
This is giving up illumination, so the way is dark.  This is called loosing the way.
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