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Ritsu-zen (Standing Zen)
Because of the basic importance of standing Zen to Taiki-ken, it is imperative to learn the proper way to do it.  Stand with your feet spread somewhat wider than the width of your shoulders.  Raise your hands to the front as if you were embracing a tree.  Allow your eyes to rest in front of you but do not stare at one point.  Lift your heels slightly off the ground and bend your knees inward slightly.  Lower your hips a little.  In the beginning, you need stand this way for no more than from ten to fifteen minutes.  As you become more experienced, strive to be able to hold this position for from thirty minutes to one hour.  Once you have assumed the position, do not move your hands, feet, or hips.
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Han-Zen (Half Zen)

This modification of the full standing Zen position allows you to hold your arms in a position that you might assume if you were carrying a small child.  In this case, rest your weight on your heels (70/30.).
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Outwardly going with the flow,
while inwardly keeping your true nature.
Then your eyes and ears will not be dazzled, and your thoughts will not be confused,
while the spirit within you expand greatly to roam the realm of absolute purity.
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